If you are interested in our products and would like to have them in your offer - write, ask for a wholesale price list. Yes, we do realize wholesale orders both for products from our assortment, as well as those which are only in your imagination. We do not use any intermediaries, our products come directly from manufacturers and so we also realize individual projects tailored to the needs of the client. Or maybe you are interested in other Nepalese products that are not in our offer? Write to us also - we have a wide circle of friends-craftsmen in Nepal from various industries.
We put fair, reasonable margins on articles in both retail and wholesale, so if our prices seem high for you know that behind them stands adequate quality often praised by customers - these are the assets of our brand which we do not put on the scales of compromises.


Do you dream of a cashmere cardigan or a dress, which cannot be found anywhere? Several times a year (usually during preparation of orders for the shop) we collect also individual orders - for single products! Send or describe us your project, attach dimensions and we will do our best to fulfill your dream.